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For more than twenty years, our company's mission is to design and manufacture customized sampling products.

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Why Concept Binding

In order to create binding and sampling products that perform to a higher level, one must not only understand how they fit in a broader marketing strategy; it is also crucial to clearly identify the needs and goals of the business which will use them. We offer a complete choice of services and customizing options, while making sure that each project is individually taken in charge by us.

Our products

We offer a wide range of custom binding products and according to your expectations and requirements. Custom ring binders, variable spine binders, index dividers, etc.

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We will meet your needs for sampling products: sample books, sample cards, sample selectors, sample holders and mobile sample displays.

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Toogood CASES, a division of Reliure Concept, offers a variety of cases for the whole family of iPad. These iPad cases are handcrafted by our team of experienced bookbinders.

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